Thursday, April 2, 2009

Veterans Benefits

Today I attended an educational seminar about the Long Term Care Benefit that Veterans and their spouses are entitled to. It is call the Aid and Attendance Benefit. If you are in need of assistance with Activities of Daily Living such as, bathing, dressing, meals, medication management, doctor appointments, laundry, etc. or plan to go to an Assisted Living or Nursing Home you may receive up to $1949.00 per month towards your LTC finances. That is over $19.000 a year to put towards paying for your long term care help. It is a benefit rarely used. Veterans Administration is usually backlogged with other benefit applications and do not always understand this benefit available to their own Veterans and spouse of Veterans.

Part of the qualifying factors is you must have served during a time of War, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or Golf War. That does not mean serving on the front lines or overseas. You may have been a Veteran and served in the states. It just means you were in the service during wartime. Though you need to complete some forms about your income and healthcare costs, and your assets such as bonds, IRA's, etc. most individuals even with substancial assets can be approved for these benefits.

You need to call today if you are a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran who wishes to find out more information about these benefits. If you don't you are missing out on getting some of your Long Term Care paid for. You earned these benefits, please don't let them slip away. For more info contact our office 866-539-7515 or contact the Veterans Financial 800-835-1541.

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