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5 Ways to Make Your Aging Parents' Bathroom Safer in Allentown, PA

5 Ways to Make Your Aging Parents' Bathroom Safer
By Kevin J Campbell

One of the most dangerous areas of seniors' homes are their bathrooms. Seniors can get trapped in the bathtub, slip and fall on the wet floor and can even have difficulty getting off the toilet! Do not let this happen to your loved ones.

5 ways to make your aging parents' bathroom safer include:

1) Remove scatter rugs - They are a major falls risk. Older adults cannot easily recover from a slip as they have decreased balance and strength. If your mother (or father) insists on keeping them, replace them with ones that have rubber bottoms (anti slip) and are rigid so that they cannot roll up. This prevents people from getting the scatter rug caught under their feet and causing them to fall.

2) Raised Toilet Seats - Older adults typically have difficulty sitting down and getting back up from regular toilets. An easy fix is to install a raised toilet seat. There are a variety of different styles so have a general idea as to what their toilet looks like when you go purchase one. Believe it or not, but seniors do get stuck on the toilet (sometimes for hours if they live alone) because they cannot get up from off the toilet.

3) Tub Bench - If your aging parents have a standard bathtub, it might be time to consider using a tub bench. This provides a place to sit down as well as makes getting into and out of the tub safer. Instead of having to lift their feet over the tub edge they sit down first and then bring their feet into the tub. Combined with a hand held shower head and they have one of the safest ways to shower (without having to renovate!).

4) Hand held shower - Since older adults may have poor balance, it is often a good idea to have a shower head that they can move around their body, instead of the other way around. Turning around in a slippery bath tub has caused many falls and there is no easy landing in a bathtub. It is also excellent for seniors who use tub benches or shower chairs.

5) Grab bars - An excellent way to prevent falls is to install a few grab bars. One by the toilet to help in sitting/standing, and another two in the bathtub/shower area. For the bathtub/shower area, have one the senior can hold onto when getting in/out and then another for when they are in the shower/bath tub.

All it takes is an afternoon and some money well invested to prevent falls and make your parents safer in their own home.

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