Friday, June 11, 2010

When Your Loved One Resists Care

Here is an article I found that is very helpful for caregivers who are struggling with the loved one they are trying so hard to care for. It offers other ways to look at the behavior to try to understand what our loved ones are trying to communicate to us. If you are a caregiver, and need help with an aging loved one, visit me at

“How many times has your mother refused to change her clothes? Has your father resisted getting out of bed? Has your wife pushed you away when you tried to brush her teeth? Many times a caregiver will be particularly frustrated by her loved one’s refusal to help himself. At times she can’t help but think that the person she cares for "36 hours a day" is going out of his way to make her miserable! The increasing irrationality of individuals with dementia makes it even harder on the caregiver.”

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