Monday, August 9, 2010

When Alzheimer's Patients Wander

Wandering, moving about without a definite purpose in mind.  Have you ever done it?  Most of us have wandered at one time or another.  On the spur of the moment you go for a walk without any specific plan.  You walk to the park, or walk into town, or to a  best friend's home without really planning it out first.  You  can get there safely and return to your home without difficulty.  But what if that person wandering was an individual with cognitive deficits such as Dementia or Alzheimer's disease?  In most cases they would not be able to find their way home.  They may know where they are planning to go; such as a familiar place they often visited such as work, a neighbor's home, or taking their pet for a walk.  But once they begin their journey these individuals become disoriented and can not figure out where they are or how to get back.  This kind of wandering in individuals with cognitive deficits is dangerous.  I am attaching a  link for you to listen to a Web Cast on Alzheimer's patients and wandering.  It is an excellent educational audio that was sent to me which discusses the causes of wandering and what you can do to make the person safer.  Click on HealthTalk to listen to the web cast audio.  For additional information on Alzheimer's disease and how to ensure the safe living of your loved one contact Family Caregivers Network or email me at Thank you for listening. 


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