Monday, October 25, 2010

Anti-Aging Tips for a Youthful Mind, Body, Spirit in Montgomery County PA

Anti-aging is a common term that attracts a lot of attention.  I found this good article on Inside Elder Care that has some good anti-aging tips for you.  Here is an excerpt below, to read the full article Click Here.

By: Ryan Malone

Anti-Aging Tips for a Youthful Mind, Body, Spirit

The desire for youthful energy never leaves and is capable of staying with you well until your later years. Boomers are, however, faced with the old adage, “use it or lose it.” It’s no wonder boomers are keen to put passion back into their lives and fight the effects of aging. True we are living in a society with an obesity epidemic and what a better motivator than living an independent life well into ones retirement with an increased zest and ability to perform activities of daily living with greater ease and function.

How do function and aging co-exist and blend with fitness? They are a twin-ship, even if we don’t see them that way. No one wants to feel and look old before their time. Much of what we blame on aging: weakness, decreased range of motion and obesity can be reversed in 30 days. How do we look and feel younger in 30 days? Through a blissful discipline called Functional Fitness.

Americans are getting older every minute and life expectancy is ever-increasing. People leading full productive lives after the age of retirement are no longer a “wow.” Most baby boomers want to live active lives and learn how to enjoy a fulfilling active life. You’re as fit as your body is functional. Contrary to popular opinion, not even all young people are limber, for keeping flexibility relies on regular stretching. However flexibility, one of the three primary components of physical fitness, is extremely important to attaining a healthy life. Without flexibility, simple activities, such as reaching and bending become painful.

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  1. Staying active is definitely have a positive result on longevity. Thanks for sharing the article, there is a lot of good information there!

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